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Hi Tide


[We all know that with unity world peace is possible. Deep down inside everyone knows what's right and we just want for everyone to bring that out to help make the planet a better place for everyone. The childrens voices singing "You've got to do what's right..For the children" really brings the message home in this song.]


We live in a world where people say they're looking for a future We live in a dream of knowing we've got to get together Solidarity is the way we should spend our time Hand in hand we'll be complete, no loss no crime We always recognise the truth within our eyes And with his guiding hand we'll know the way Look out and you will see just what was meant to be It's written in the stars to guide our way We've got to do what's right We've got to win the fight Its got to be you and me For the future still holds the key for this unity We live and we learn, confined illusions We're looking for a reason to feel alright, tonight, that'sight yeah We're reaching so deep inside for questions of the heart And with positive motion that's the answer to make a start For the children.............