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Hi Tide: Bio

Hi Tide, an acoustic duo from the Cayman Islands, is well known for their live performances as well as their recordings of classic covers and catchy contemporary original pop songs. As described by the editor of a popular weekly music magazine, “Hi Tide provides a nice mix of pop with a dash of Cayman which commercial radio enjoy and support”.

Shane Allenger and Sean Hennings started Hi Tide in 1993 and although the band has gone through many changes and featured other musicians, the two mainstays have always been Shane and Sean.

Along with their newly released DVD/CD set “The Studio Center Sessions"  Hi Tide has ten other albums, four with original songs, two with classic covers "unplugged", three Christmas collections and a live album, "Live at Deckers" 

Songs from all of these albums are well represented on radio in the Cayman Islands, with three original songs -- “That’s What I’d Do”, “In Your Kiss” and “Open Invitation” -- making the international charts. Their cover of Bob Marley’s “Waiting In Vain” has also been released in Italy on a compilation CD.

One of their most popular original songs, “Love You More” has been licensed in England to be played in stores throughout Europe.

As well as putting on regular shows in the Cayman Islands, they have performed all over the world including mainland USA, Hawaii, Canada, Europe, South America and, of course, the Caribbean. Their appearances have included private gigs, one-off shows, mini-tours and many music festivals.

Hi Tide never stops working and despite their many performances, Shane and Sean are still finding time for the studio. They are presently working on another original album, “Hi Tide 5”. Their 5th of all original songs.